Profile of Paul Blackwood

Date: May 28, 2011

I am a Jamaican, self-taught artist, who was born and raised in Whitehouse, Westmoreland. In 1982, after graduating from school I moved to Kingston, Jamaica's capital, to seek employment opportunities. From early childhood days I had the desire to create works of art and even had ? fence exhibitions? in Whitehouse...
While in Kingston, I was encouraged by Courtney Morgan and other members of the Trafalgar Artist Cooperative to do paintings of my own. I eventually started painting and in 1985 I had my first international exhibition in London, England. Since then, my career has burgeoned with numerous exhibitions both locally and internationally, including the United States of America, Europe, Canada and the Caribbean.
I have attributed all my success to wisdom from God and strong discipline. 
All my works are done in oils and collages and I will continue to strive for excellence while encouraging and assisting potential artists. My Philosophy " I see myself as a true to life artist whose work must not always be a mystery, but easily identified."

Selected Exhibitions
2008 Jamaica Embassy, Washington DC USA.
2007 Art OFF The Main, New York, USA
2006 Jamaica Consulate, New York, USA
2005 Jamaica Consulate, Toronto, Canada
2005 Lucy FLorence gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2005 Alexandra gallaries, London, England
2004 Jamaica High Commission, London, England
2004 Lauderdale Lakes Library, Florida, USA
2003 Caribbean and Latin Art Show, New York, USA
2002 Oakville, Canada
2002 Miami, USA
2001 Jamaica Embassy, Washington DC. USA
2001 Huddersfield, England
Jamaica High Commission, London, England
1999 United Nations, New York, USA
1999 The Antigua Museum, Antigua
1998 Jamaica National Building Society, (UK) London
1997 Jamcar Administration Building, New York, USA
1996 Art Works Gallery, New Jersey, USA
1995 Jamaica Consulate, Toronto, Canada
1995 Jamaica Gallery Art Fair, Kingston, Jamaica
1994 Jamaica Consulate, New York, USA
1992 & 1993 Jamfest, Washington, DC. USA
1991 ACC Art Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
1990 Martin Luther King Library, Washingto DC. USA
1990 Jamaica Consulate, Toronto, Canada
1984 J.C.D.C Fine Arts Festival, Kingston
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