Sonia Lewis

Sonia,  a Jamaican born artist  began her career by working as an Air Hostess with our National carrier; Followed by a career as a restaurateur, co-owner and managing a chain of 7 restaurants and winning awards for the Best Kept Restaurant for 3 consecutive years.
Sonia then turned her talents to designing and manufacturing top of the line cut work embroidery garments and table linen where her artistic flair became even more evident.

However her deep burning desire to expand her artistic passion led her to fine art.
A self-taught passionate artist, Sonia is constantly being inspired by nature and aged objects touched by the hands of time.
……..To quench her desire of how to master the technique of underpainting and glazing -perfected by the Old Dutch Master- a technique that first surfaced in the early 15th century by the great Master of Flemalle Robert Campin-. She researched modern day Masters who studied this technique. Her research took her to France where she enrolled in an intense course in Brittany.
On retuning home, she began using this technique and added a strong Caribbean flavor, to produce works of art that are truly unique to her style.
Her oil paintings depict images that would often take one into a feeling of sweet nostalgia. Her personal collections of antique props are part of her display when showcasing her work.

She has shown cased in various galleries throughout Kingston, Florida  private shows in Birmingham England, and has been contracted by hotels to not only supply their executive rooms with art, but also to produce utilitarian lines with her images (placements, trays) for their dining areas.

She is now producing a line of utilitarian line that is sold world wide.
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